Install KOSO DB-01RN on Honda 599 Hornet

Koso DB-01RN is an awesome multifunction gauge that is based on the predecessors DB-01R and DB-01R+ speedometers.

It looks very good and it is very little so it can fit on any custom bike. Usually, it comes with an active speed sensor so you will not have to install magnets on the wheel.

It does not have a temperature display, it has only an overheat warning light indicator and will need an adapter or a new sensor for some bikes.

It is bright and visible at night, but in the daylight the visibility is poor and the display contrast is not enough. Anyway, you shouldn’t stare at it while riding so this will not be a problem for most of us.

Koso DB-01RN for Honda 599 Hornet 2007 – 2013

The easiest way is to connect the Koso DB-01RN wire harness to the Honda 599 Hornet gauge meter wire harness.

If you want to make minimum changes to the original harness, you can solder the Koso DB-01RN wire harness to a connector (040 MULTILOCK socket  male 174977-2) that fits the original Honda CB600 gauge connector.

Type Koso DB-01RN Honda gauge meter wire harness Comments
Turn left Orange Orange
Turn right Blue Light blue
High beam Yellow Blue/Black
Oil light Gray Blue/Red
Neutral White Light green/Red
Fuel Green Gray/Black
Engine light Purple White/Blue
Water temperature Yellow/White Green/Blue needs adapter
Power / Battery Red Red/Green
Ignition Brown Black/Brown
Ground Black Green/Black
RPM Brown/Red Yellow/Green
HISS White/Red not appliable
ABS Red/Black not appliable

Koso DB-01RN software setup for Honda 599 Hornet


Circumference and sensing point setting

The tire circumference is about 1800mm.
There can be 20 sensor points max.


Fuel level

Use the manual settings, set the empty resistance to 234, set the full resistance to 12 and the fuel warning value to 10%.


RPM pulse settings

Set it to P2 – HiActive.

Using the VS sensor of the Honda cb600f instead of “Active speed sensor” from Koso.

The internal VS (vehicle speed) sensor of the Honda cb600f has the same pinout as the active sensor of the Koso DB-01RN.

This can be easily verified using the cb600f / cb600fa wiring diagram: the VS sensor has three pins, it is powered at 12V, the signal is 5v (pull-down) and the signal wire is split in two: one for gauge meter and one for the ECU. The VS sensor is powered from the meter gauge, so if you replace the gauge, you should power the sensor separately (from the ignition wire).

The Koso DB-01RN speed sensor has the following pinout:

Blue/White – signal cable 5v pulldown
Blue/Red – power 5v
White/Black – ground

The cb600f VS sensor is mounted on the gearbox and gives 60 signals on a complete wheel rotation (wheel diameter is about 1800 mm). The Koso DB-01RN can read 20 points max, so we will have to adjust the values to 20P and the wheel diameter to 600 mm.

It is very easy to connect the Honda 599 Hornet VS sensor to the Koso DB-01RN:

  • connect the signal wires directly.
  • connect the White/Black from Koso to the Green/Black of the Hornet wire harness.
  • power the VS sensor at 12v (Yellow/Red to Black/Brown), both of them are on the Hornet wire harness.
  • the Blue/Red wire on the Koso DB-01RN will not be used
Koso DB-01RN Honda gauge meter wire harness Comments
Blue/White Pink/Blue Speed signal
White/Black Green/Black Ground
Blue/Red Not used
Yellow/Red Power – connect to the ignition wire Black/Brown



You should be carefully connecting the wires, if damage will occur, KOSO will not cover it under the warranty.

Because the original Honda VS sensor is powered at 12V, there is a one in a million chance to fail and to put voltage higher than 5v on the signal wire. You can handle this by using a voltage regulator (LM7805 ? ) on the wire.

Because the speed signal wire is split between the gauge meter and the ECU, there is a one in a million chance that the ECU will fail and to feed back higher voltage. You can use a Zener diode to protect against this.