Save data from Arduino to a computer

In some situations you need to save data from Arduino to a computer.

Let’say that you wrote an arduino application for some company and they want to install the device in a data center and they do not allow external connections (http, gsm) from arduino. Then, you can send the data to a Linux or Windows server using serial connection and then save it to a database. Or maybe you just want to send data to your personal computer and then, save it to a file.

You can find scripts in many programming languages than can help you to save data from Arduino to computer but you will have to understand and to configure them.
I find out that the best solution to save data directly in the pc using an Arduino is to use a GUI application than cand export the data to format you need.

I found these solutions to save data from Arduino to computer:

Parallax Data Acquisition tool (PLX-DAQ)

They say that will read data from microcontrollers connected to any sensor and the serial port of a PC and then send data directly into  Excel.
Sending data from arduino to Excel will help you for debbuging purpose but in a production scenario this is not reliable and scalable.

RealTerm: Serial/TCP Terminal

It is ideal for development, reverse engineering, debugging, datalogging and capture, and automatic test.

Java Serial Tools

It is a GUI  application that works on Linux and Windows . It will connect to many microcontrolers at same time and can log the data to the console, to a file or to a database.

Java Serial Tools is open source and you can modify it as you need.


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